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Below are other client testimonials.

Yelp Reviews


Below are reviews directly from Yelp.

              Ken was recommended to me by a co-worker of mine, whose case Ken had handled in the past. The feedback I’d received was very positive so I decided to go with him. I wasn't disappointed at all. The day I contacted Ken, we set up an appointment, sat down and discussed my case, completed the necessary paperwork, and off I went. After that, Ken called me to provide a quick update and to give me a heads-up that he was going to court on a specified date. The day of the hearing, Ken called me right afterward to inform me that my case had been dismissed!  The whole experience felt so effortless – I am very happy with the whole process, and more importantly – with the results. Now I see why this lawyer was so well spoken of – he knows what he is doing. I will definitely recommend Ken in the future.  

- Robert.


            Was in the tight spot this year. Spoke with many big shots and got even more depressed. Mr. Tsiprin reassured me that everything will be OK. He did his job 100% Recommend to everyone.

- Morris.


            Got a HUGE settlement from my auto accident.  I didn’t even expect to get half as much. Highly recommend him.  

- Alex. 


            I acquired Ken's services on two occasions related to traffic tickets. I was very happy with the work he's done for me. He was easily reachable, responsive and patient with explaining the process to me. He resolved my problems swiftly and responsibly with excellent end results.

- Chris.


            I have not had that much experience working with attorney Ken Tsiprin, but when consulting him about several of my business matters, he assisted in contract preparation as well as proper ways of handling the matters. I'm glad he was available to assist me and I liked his manner of business conduct. I keep his business card on file as I'm sure I will have further use for his services.

- Vlad.


            I'm not sure about anyone else's experience, but I was extremely satisfied with the job Mr. Tsiprin did for me. Not only was he able to dismiss my ticket, but he also was able to waive my presence in court. I would definitely recommend him and will utilize his services in the future if need be.

- Olga. 


            Attorney Tsiprin assisted me with my loan modification instead of foreclosure on the property. I must say, I was impressed with his manner of conduct and persistence. Not only did I get to keep my property, but I got a great deal. Thanks for a job well done.

- Mike.

Attorney Testimonials

Ken has a fantastic reputation in the legal community. This is because he is highly competent and is a tireless advocate for his clients. His clients receive top notch representation and I have heard nothing but good feedback about Ken. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Ken, especially in the areas of bankruptcy, personal injury, and real property law.

Yevgeny Berner  


I know him to be conscientious, client-friendly, and able to meet all deadlines. He communicates to clients in "plain English" -- not legalese. He's also fluent in Russian! I've referred a number of clients and acquaintances to him for his expertise in traffic matters and bankruptcy. I feel comfortable that he will do a good job for them. He's an asset to our community.

Kathryn Fields


I have known Ken for over 2 years. Ken is an excellent lawyer who is hard working and cares about his clients. He is very responsive and is always accessible. Ken is very knowledgeable in the areas that he practices in and his fees are very reasonable. I have referred clients to Ken and will continue to do so.  

- Doris Eslinger


I endorse Ken's work. He is a very perceptive attorney, zealous in representation of his clients, highly ethical, and professional.

- Ioulia Roussinova


Excellent attorney. Professional, knowledgeable, and diligent in handling cases.

Pavel Kleyner


Ken is very knowledgeable, diligent, and persevering in case preparation. I personally observed him as he was preparing for his cases. In my mind I have no doubt that any accused in need of a criminal defense attorney will be fully protected if they chose to retain Ken to represent them.

Boris Petrenko


Great lawyer knows his areas of practice and cares about his clients.

- Yan Siprin

Ken Tsiprin is an extremely professional and intelligent individual. He is very zealous in representing his clients. Ken always takes the time to communicate with his clients and obtain the best results by negotiating and litigating with opposing counsels. Ken also has a great personality! I would recommend Ken Tsiprin to anyone with absolutely no reservations! 

- Roman Otkupman.

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